Now, the illustration-friday

Having discarded the Musketeer, I just went with what felt right, which is this grim little bugger right here. All I know is that he is ahead of those four miseries behind him and he’s looking ahead at something, however unpleasant it might be.

The sketch again was done in Scribbles (@atebits! let me pay you!) and screenshotted into Photoshop, painted there. As usual, click for (much!) larger.

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9 Responses to “Now, the illustration-friday”

  1. Ramel Hill says:

    Wow! great colours on this one!!

  2. katie says:

    @Ramel – thanks! I’ve been working on making my palettes match up with the palettes I actually *like* – seems like such a no-brainer but it’s taken me a long time!

  3. I may just go cry now. Good mood-setting ­čÖé

  4. khwhitaker says:

    nice, very moody fellow

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Katie!

    Yay, I’m your first follower, but that means I’ll be pushed out fast as others move in, but…..that’s what you want lots o’ followers! This guys is awesome! I saw him on the slideshow this morning on the clubhouse homepage, but didn’t have a chance to look longer to see who created it – glad I know now. I love the atmosphere you’ve created with the dark earth colors and his expression/body language is perfect for grim and moody. I love dark stuff, puts me in mind of Tim Burton a little, fantastic!

    Oh, you can follow me back if you want I have the widget up – see ya back at the clubhouse….Susan

  6. justin segal says:

    I like the grim bugger, katie! I feel his pain … (nice paint job, btw)

  7. TMartin says:

    I really really like the muted colors in this. Great textural feeling to it–and great character!

  8. Cool illo, very moody. Cool the see some process too. Cheers.