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Illustration Friday: Slither

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Well, this time I thought, briefly, that this would be the week I didn’t revise/edit/whatever till the cows came home, but I was as usual wrong. I’ll post up the final first, so those of you uninterested in the trials and tribulations are spared.

Click the image for medium-sized, click here for very large.


Stapleton Kearns & Powerspots

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Stapleton Kearns has an incredibly useful blog all-around, but I really liked this post on “powerspots.”

Harrison Bergeron/Work-In-Progress

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Part of the reason I have to work to find a style is that my actual style is batshit crazy. Not in terms of content or theme but in terms of time required and visual acuity necessary in the viewer. I have resorted to Harrison-Bergeron-style restrictions on myself when I am working: I work in light that is too low for me to see the amount of detail I would otherwise see/produce and I often limit the materials I’ll allow myself to work with to fat points and large brushes. I am experimenting (read as: forcing myself to use) things like charcoal and big graphite pencils in my offline work. Somehow it’s easier for me to manage digital painting without going crazy detailed, maybe because it’s a new enough medium for me (that and the Wacom is just not as supportive a tool for it.)

Anyway, I started doodling the other night and wound up back in crazyland. And then last night I allowed myself the .005 Micron again. Here’s the work in progress. I like it, but my arm and back don’t. Ah well.

My brain’s excuse for this is that I’m trying out working with tracing paper for the first time, so I can work in literal layers of paper. I like this new way a lot. I’ve failed to finish I don’t know how many things simply because I’m afraid to wreck what I’ve already gotten done. I am aware that this is a paradoxical reaction, but it seems common enough in other artists that I routinely see exhortations to let go of that attachment to work produced. As much as I’ve told myself this, it hasn’t worked, so maybe the tracing paper route will.

Do click to see the big version, if only to make me feel better about myself.

Hipkiss and Alpha Mason

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Please visit this site and this blog. The artist is amazing, as is his wife (it seems that they almost operate as a unit; Hipkiss doesn’t seem to be able to create art without his wife’s physical presence) – I hope that their blog is updated often and starts to garner more attention, because they sure do have a lot of stuff worth saying (and reading.)

Lonely Europe by Chris Hipkiss

(originally found via Escape Into Life)

some time wasters for you

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

this takes a bit to get the hang of, especially before you can afford extra ink, but it is a challenge. And the folks who are good at it are REALLY good. – Doodlebug (been around forever but it is still fun)

and of course the venerable isketch. if anyone is ever up for an expert round, give me a holler. still the best online faux-pictionary I know of, especially in the expert rooms (the basic rooms are typically partly-filled with morons and jackasses, don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Illustration Friday: Early

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

This girl (and a couple of her siblings/twins) showed up in my sketches from last week but I didn’t include them because I knew I wanted to use her & soon. So now I’ve got lumpy men and triangular-headed women populating my nascent world. No idea where I’ll end up with this but I like her face a lot. As for the theme, I knew I wasn’t going to do birds…and actually I probably will stay away from birds in general because so many folks are birds, even though I love drawing birds in various ways and do so rather a lot when I’m just doodling. So anyway, “early.” Interpret as you will, but this is where I wound up with it.

Click for bigger as usual.

Ellis Nadler

Friday, May 21st, 2010

This guy is a genius. Really great work across a variety of media, including woodcuts. His Cards of Wu (which is what I first saw of his, via A Journey Round My Skull) are fantastic, but so is his other stuff.

Pop-Up Book Master

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Seven Impossible Things interviews popup book master Matthew Reinhart, lots of fantastic process photos included

Manual of Ornithology

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I got this book out on interlibrary loan, and I’ve got to recommend it to anyone who likes drawing (or knowing about) birds. It’s a goldmine of incredibly interesting information about birds – how their wings work, that they have pneumatic bones, that there is a louse that infects birds that gives birth to live young(!), about brood patches…I could go on and on and I’m not halfway done with the book yet.

I originally found the book on the extremely useful big list of recommended books by the author of the Making A Mark blog.

Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure and Function

illustration friday: equipment

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

oh, the sketches. the one million sketches, most awful, and having been squeezed desperately in-between work and herding a toddler. I didn’t much like this word but I am okay with the result, I suppose. I like his legs, anyway.

All digital, Scribbles and Photoshop. As usual click for large. On the right are some of my many brainstormy sketches, most in Scribbles. Click it for reasonably large, click here for enormo.