Illustration Friday: Early

This girl (and a couple of her siblings/twins) showed up in my sketches from last week but I didn’t include them because I knew I wanted to use her & soon. So now I’ve got lumpy men and triangular-headed women populating my nascent world. No idea where I’ll end up with this but I like her face a lot. As for the theme, I knew I wasn’t going to do birds…and actually I probably will stay away from birds in general because so many folks are birds, even though I love drawing birds in various ways and do so rather a lot when I’m just doodling. So anyway, “early.” Interpret as you will, but this is where I wound up with it.

Click for bigger as usual.

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2 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Early”

  1. roberto says:

    Hi Katie. Nice colour, i like it!

  2. AG Fabrega says:

    Her face did turn out well, nice expression especially with the wide-set eyes.