Illustration Friday: Slither

Well, this time I thought, briefly, that this would be the week I didn’t revise/edit/whatever till the cows came home, but I was as usual wrong. I’ll post up the final first, so those of you uninterested in the trials and tribulations are spared.

Click the image for medium-sized, click here for very large.

When I started thinking of “slither,” mainly the image that came to mind was just a bulky shape up over a little head. So I started sketching that. Drew out something I kind of liked, with a stylized face and some sluggy body. I got so far as bringing him into Painter and trying to work out a little watercolor there, (liked the sky, failed on the body) and even printing out the line work to see about painting some real watercolors. When I realized he was pretty arse. His face wasn’t great and it didn’t go with the line style or details of the body:

So while I listened to Dave Rapoza on a rare Crimson Daggers I actually got to attend (usually they’re way out of my schedule range), I doodled some new faces until I settled on some I liked:

…decided (by which I mean “noticed”) that the body really ought to be in the same stylized line as the face and sketched the whole thing out on some watercolor paper. Inked with Pentel Brush Pen which I am still getting the hang of, though enjoying. Thankfully I scanned the ink because the watercolors I tried on it were pretty miserable, despite my trying to cope with them anyway, again hitting Painter up for some details (on the right, below):

Finally, I gave up on the traditional media, LiveTraced my original ink work in Illustrator and did all the colors flat in vector. Added a little bit of texture in Photoshop, partly to unify the colors, and called it a day.

I’m still not what I would call one hundred percent on this. But at least it’s a far cry better than where I started out.

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7 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Slither”

  1. the second from the top is my favorite

  2. Jehanne says:

    I like the second one best and the last one.
    I’m glad you wrote your process for I find your use of Painter interesting as I have been trying to use the their tradition watercolour brush with not much success and end up going back to the digital watercolour which does not give me the results I desire.

  3. Xovika says:

    Wow! It’s perfect to be printed on a t-shirt! (I just arrived from ­čśŤ

  4. Sally Taylor says:

    I also really like the second image from the top. Nice concept!

  5. AG Fabrega says:

    Funny, I like the second one best, too. I think the little details really work well (like the hairs on it’s back, the sleeves and the markings on the underbelly). I also think the face is the most expressive. Nice work (and nice process, too.).

  6. Jen A says:

    I see your illustration got mentioned in the Illustration Friday blog – congratulations. Great work!

  7. katie says:

    @Jen – it did?? Where??