Illustration Friday: More Ripple

Annoyed with self – I posted an old link accidentally instead of this link here to IF. I guess I shall submit again…wish I could edit the original instead. Sorry, IF people.

Wasn’t overjoyed with the octopus. Here’s a pen-watercolor-digital Harrison Bergeron I did with a Gulf shrimp and some made-up marine stuff. I like it better.

Of course, this is also for the Ripple project – $10 for the sketchcard size. Kelly Light is doing good stuff over there.

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3 Responses to “Illustration Friday: More Ripple”

  1. Amy@Pikaland says:

    Katie, this is an amazing illo! Love the colors in there!

  2. Mr Spoqui says:

    wow! lovely line work, and fabulous colors!

  3. AG Fabrega says:

    Wow, something seriously happened between this and the octopus. This is really nice: the line weights, colors, composition, everything.