pika bootcamp week 3

Been really busy with the Pikaland bootcamp stuff. This past week was a tough one for me – we were asked to be inspired by an existing work of art (preferably in person, but that did not work out so well) – I chose Remedios Varo, a very long-standing love of mine (back to age 17 or 18 or so) and I felt a great deal of pressure to try to live up to her. I wound up drawing approximately the same sketch many times, finally started painting one and chucked it after a few hours’ worth of work on it because it was absolute crap. Did a new sketch (pencils and some brush pen) and liked it. I’ve started coloring it digitally but it still has a long way to go – after all that time I had to just swallow it and move on. Maybe after bootcamp is over I’ll finish coloring it.

Below are: the original Varo, my drawing, and my digital WIP. Click any for bigger.

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3 Responses to “pika bootcamp week 3”

  1. AG Fabrega says:

    Thanks for sharing your Pikaland bootcamp work, I’ve been very curious about that program. Is it helpful? Anyway, love the drawing. If the backgrounds are any indication, I can see where you were going with the colorized version. Hopefully you can finish/post it, would like to see it.

  2. katie says:

    I’d definitely say it’s helpful, especially at the price point. This is their first one, so I think the leaders themselves had some figuring-out to do – the critiquing got loads better about 2/3rds of the way through (not sure why) and it’s possible that there are too many assignments for people who aren’t able to work on things like this full time (of course also I am incredibly slow) – but that said, I’m not even sure it’s too many for me…one thing I would like to get better at is speed. So many of my works are just so detailed and complex that it takes ages for me to complete anything.

    I do wish that they’d had fewer assignments that were based on the work of others or based on a single photo. I would have been happier if we were given a more personal/conceptual challenge and I think the critiques of those would have been more helpful (at least to me.)

    But I did get a lot out of it, both just the rigors of having assignments, which forces me to get to it, and having people around to bounce stuff off of. I found that I was able to perceive specific strong and weak points about my work – and articulate them – that I had not acknowledged with any specificity before. I had some generalized ideological differences with the leaders, also, but other than a pretty brief tiff that didn’t really affect my experience.

    All in all I’d totally do it again, and my fellow participants (interestingly, all women) are both fantastic and at a very good skill level for this kind of program. So I think Pikaland did a pretty good job overall.

  3. AG Fabrega says:

    Interesting. How does the class interact? I assume it’s all online, not live, but more blogstyle with posts/comments(?) I’d say the honest, critical feedback from such a class alone is well worth the rather low fee.

    I think that’s the one thing Illustration Friday seems to be lacking for me. I really appreciate all the comments, but it’s rare to get an honest critique; maybe that isn’t what the site’s about. Although, you certainly don’t seem to hold back. ­čśë

    Anyway, you’ve piqued my interest in this. Their next class interests me less, but if they do another straight up illustration session, I might sign up!