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i am bogged down

Monday, May 10th, 2010

with many things. I did try to illustrate last IF’s “cocoon” – in fact, I tried multiple times in at least three mediums – but never got it nailed down. Also submitted something to 48hrmag that didn’t get accepted – not exactly heartbroken, since I’m not 100% sold on the thing myself, but I did like the direction it was headed in. Still an interesting risk even just to send something to someone; admit that it’s a try for something.

So here’s what I sent to 48 hr mag – the issue was themed “Hustle,” and this is what came to mind first (other than, of course, the M.I.A. track.) And for the hell of it here’s what I got closest to finishing for “cocoon.” I seem to be on grumpy ugly men lately, except that in stuff unseen here I am apparently all about sexy ladies. As usual click for huge.

Now, the illustration-friday

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Having discarded the Musketeer, I just went with what felt right, which is this grim little bugger right here. All I know is that he is ahead of those four miseries behind him and he’s looking ahead at something, however unpleasant it might be.

The sketch again was done in Scribbles (@atebits! let me pay you!) and screenshotted into Photoshop, painted there. As usual, click for (much!) larger.

First, the reject

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

This kind of seemed to be going well – I liked the “A,” he was kind of a musketeer…but I just couldn’t get behind it in the end. This is all digital, using Scribbles, for which I have a demo and which I have been trying desperately to buy (it’s only $20!) but I am being thoroughly, 100% thwarted in every way.


Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I am a big dummy and accidentally linked this entry for my Ripple IF submission. Sorry all! Go here instead for my shrimp!

Well, I’d wanted to do more with this, but work is verra verra busy right now, so here is Detective Hound. Here’s to next week. I was actually fairly happy with the digital paint work on this one for once…it’s not perfect but it’s also not that weird shiny plastic “I Am Photoshop” look.

As usual, click for larger.

IF: detective wip

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I don’t think I’m done with this yet, so I haven’t posted it to the IF site. I think it needs a frame or something. Something. HB pencil on paper and digital color. Waiting till tomorrow to see what I think of it then. Been busy around here with other things having been gone most of the weekend – drawing but nothing much and haven’t gotten to scan anything anyway.

I couldn’t quite bear to draw a human detective, and other than the de facto sherlock, this is pretty much the first thing I thought of (well, okay, bloodhounds were first, and I adore bloodhounds to pieces, but their ears just aren’t as dramatic as a basset hound’s), and since I love dogs, I figured I’d go this route.

“Linked” for Illustration Friday

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Been reading the discussions over at Zero2Illo’s “clubhouse” – about finding one’s style etc. And became increasingly aware of the fact that there is a huge gulf between the kind of work I like and the kind of work I create – and not just a gulf of skill, either. I tend to be practical to a fault; I never have created much art for art’s sake – it’s always for something. Song cards for my kid (many things for my kid) – gifts, decorations. I’ve always complained that I don’t feel I have much to say when confronted with a blank page, but now I’m not so sure that’s true; I think I’m restraining myself far too much when facing that page.

My more honest style/inclinations tend much more towards the darker side of things than, say, the school bus side of things. So while I’ll keep working on the stuff for my kid, I think I’ll also try to induce myself to do more that appeals to me.

So I did this for “Linked” for Illustration Friday. When I first saw the word I thought it’d be an empty well for me – but it only took me four seconds once I sat down to come up with conjoined twins, because I love conjoined twins. So this is pencil, Crayola supermarket watercolors (heh), and some digital editing and I did the hand lettering in Photoshop. As usual, click for larger.