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Doodle Swap #8

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

For this one, I did this big drawing (with the gridlines) so I could split it up and each person would get a little piece with a little bit of detail. Here’s the whole thing:

A few more doodle swap doodles

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The dog nose one was actually in a dream I had. It was incredibly, incredibly creepy at the time. That was probably 15 years ago, so you can see it stuck with me.

Ol’ Sphincter Business is Done

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

…but I think I am keeping him. Sorry, theoretical doodle swap recipient! Click for big, of course.

Another Doodle Swap

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

here’s another one for this sessions “Dreams & Nightmares” doodle swap. Another crummy photo rather than a scan, though. Once they’re all done I’ll scan them.

doodle swap WIP

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

The theme for this session’s Doodle Swap is “Dreams and Nightmares.” I’m working on this guy at the moment. Others, too, but I’m happiest with Ol’ Sphincter Business here. The actual size is pretty small (this image should be about the right size – 2.5″ x 3.5″ – click for big) – and this is just a photo, not a scan, so it’s not super fantastic. Soz.

Doodle Swap beginnings

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

I’m doing the Doodle Swap this round and did not realize I had to do TEN doodles (way to go reading things.) Still – very fun. Also very fun to get doodles in the mail (three so far!) So I’ve started doodling, though one of these is for IF and I am not sure if the guy in the lower left is going to survive. With a business trip Sunday through yesterday and lots of work to do, 2.5″ x 3.5″ is about the best I can manage, so hooray for size limits!

Click for quite a lot larger. The pencil is all still there, sorry. It’s several kinds of pens – a nib or two I’m getting used to (mostly the Gillott 303, possibly some of the Nikko G), Pentel Brush Pen, Micron .005 in a couple places and also my Namiki Falcon fountain pen which I wasn’t sure if I would like and wound up using constantly (with a converter so I can use Noodler’s ink)

Illustration Friday: Giant

Monday, July 5th, 2010

This is all-digital, much to the chagrin of my wrist, and many thanks to the amazing stumpy pencil photoshop brush.* But I think I like it all right. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

One of the things I learned about myself during my all-too-brief time with Pikaland’s Bootcamp was this: I will repeat nigh-identical sketches for a subject if I am not entirely confident about what I’m doing, until I either solve the problem, run out of time and do it anyway, or give up. In my mind I think I am solving entirely different, usually extremely minor problems, but in fact I am just redrawing the thing until the light bulb goes off in my brain indicating the thing that is actually wrong. In this case (having doodled a bunch of things first and selected this as the one I liked the most,) the giant’s legs were originally much longer, with his knees tucked up almost to his chin. While that was of course much more physically probable, it worked far less well visually than these stumps my poor giant calls legs. I probably drew it six times with long legs, and then another two or three with short ones.

The funny thing is that I am a very fast learner when it comes to learning information. What is turning out to be true, however, is that I am an inexorably slow developer of images. Even the seemingly simplest of my images winds up taking just ages. Maybe that process will shorten with time and practice. Or not.

* And which I heard about from Jon Davis, who deploys the brush with great flair.

bookplate blanks

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Since I’d already brought the bookplate into vector for other reasons, I figured I’d post up some blanks in case people want to make their own. You can print them on regular paper and use rubber cement or glue sticks (the latter might get a little lumpy) or you can print them on adhesive paper – either way.

Download Illustrator File 01
Download Illustrator File 02

Illustration Friday: Satellite

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Ok, well, this is one I can’t tell if it’s any good at all. I kind of like the loose crazy style and was shooting for that, but I’m having a hard time deciding if this is a success or just a messy thing. I drew it over a night or two late at night and while I did look at/study a photo or two of Yuri Gagarin I didn’t take any reference to bed with me. And then I wound up kind of liking the errors and left them in. All the black is real pen and I’m kind of annoyed that that’s what wound up looking sort of digital. The color is all digital, though, thanks to Stumpy Pencil and a mighty sore wacom hand.

The inspiration and the words are from one of my favorite PJ Harvey songs – Yuri G. I wound up there after looking at the definition of “satellite” and seeing the moon listed as our main satellite made me think of the song.

As always, click for larger.

Linocut Bookplate for Ma

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Mom’s birthday is Saturday and she’s coming up to visit. She’s always loaning out her books (she’s an English teacher) and never remembering who has them or getting them back. So I made her a pile of bookplates. Well, 30. Maybe I’ll do more tomorrow, we’ll see.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with the ink when block printing in the past (it was always too thick, but if I didn’t put it on so thick, it wouldn’t print, and so it was always all clumpy and lumpy and awful,) and so I did a bunch of reading up before I did this run. Whatever it was that fixed my earlier problems, I do not know, because I changed almost everything, but it was a lot better this time around. One thing I did try that clearly helped a ton was to dampen the paper before the print. I bought new ink for this – just Speedball black, but I think it might be a notch better than the stuff I was using before (smelled different, anyway) – and I got a soft brayer instead of my old hard one, which I also think helped a lot. I still haven’t found what I would call an ideal substrate, but the Utrecht generic Easy Cut stuff did me all right this time. Far from perfect but far from lousy, too. Lots better than that beige true linoleum I used to use ages ago, that dried out constantly.

Most of the prints are on mulberry paper for sumi-e. It’s incredibly thin and porous – the ink comes out the back side of the paper as you press. But it looks super and it should work out well for bookplates, I think. I did a few on watercolor paper too.

Here’s the result on the left and the drawing on the left (drawn normally and flipped so I could use it for reference. I also coated a piece of tracing paper with graphite and traced my drawing onto the block, with very blurry results – redrew the whole thing with pen onto the block before carving) –

And a picture of the block before I started printing, and one of the prints hanging.