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“Linked” for Illustration Friday

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Been reading the discussions over at Zero2Illo’s “clubhouse” – about finding one’s style etc. And became increasingly aware of the fact that there is a huge gulf between the kind of work I like and the kind of work I create – and not just a gulf of skill, either. I tend to be practical to a fault; I never have created much art for art’s sake – it’s always for something. Song cards for my kid (many things for my kid) – gifts, decorations. I’ve always complained that I don’t feel I have much to say when confronted with a blank page, but now I’m not so sure that’s true; I think I’m restraining myself far too much when facing that page.

My more honest style/inclinations tend much more towards the darker side of things than, say, the school bus side of things. So while I’ll keep working on the stuff for my kid, I think I’ll also try to induce myself to do more that appeals to me.

So I did this for “Linked” for Illustration Friday. When I first saw the word I thought it’d be an empty well for me – but it only took me four seconds once I sat down to come up with conjoined twins, because I love conjoined twins. So this is pencil, Crayola supermarket watercolors (heh), and some digital editing and I did the hand lettering in Photoshop. As usual, click for larger.


Couple more works

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

This is a secretary bird in acrylics on canvas. I use a junky mess of acrylic brands, to be honest – I just recently ordered a couple of tubes of Lascaux so I could see what the difference is – some of the brands I use are fine and many are crap. I’ve been using acrylics probably longer than any other one medium so I’ve just got a big cardboard boot box of whatever I’ve picked up over the years. I think I have three different brands of yellow ochre, since that’s the color I invariably use the most.

The other image is a pencil sketch I drew in half a minute (if that) on the paper my son was painting on on the other side of his art table. He has contributed several fingerprints. The color is Crayola-brand watercolors – the kind you get for $1.69 at the supermarket. It was my first drawing of him – or at least among the first – that I actually kind of liked, so I’m putting it here.

(by the way, in case it’s not obvious – click any image on the site for a larger version.)