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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I am a big dummy and accidentally linked this entry for my Ripple IF submission. Sorry all! Go here instead for my shrimp!

Well, I’d wanted to do more with this, but work is verra verra busy right now, so here is Detective Hound. Here’s to next week. I was actually fairly happy with the digital paint work on this one for once…it’s not perfect but it’s also not that weird shiny plastic “I Am Photoshop” look.

As usual, click for larger.

IF: detective wip

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I don’t think I’m done with this yet, so I haven’t posted it to the IF site. I think it needs a frame or something. Something. HB pencil on paper and digital color. Waiting till tomorrow to see what I think of it then. Been busy around here with other things having been gone most of the weekend – drawing but nothing much and haven’t gotten to scan anything anyway.

I couldn’t quite bear to draw a human detective, and other than the de facto sherlock, this is pretty much the first thing I thought of (well, okay, bloodhounds were first, and I adore bloodhounds to pieces, but their ears just aren’t as dramatic as a basset hound’s), and since I love dogs, I figured I’d go this route.