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Useful Information I Wish Took Less Long for me to Locate

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I want to do something that seems incredibly basic: paint with oils on wood without covering up the wood. That is, I want the wood grain to show through/around my painting. So I do not want white gesso/acrylic ground. I have been hunting for the answer to this question for some time. Finally I posted the question on Facebook and lo and behold, Liquitex makes clear gesso! Such a tiny little piece of information to be so hard to find. Maybe I was searching wrong. At any rate I am posting this so others that might be searching for how to prime or seal wood panels to take oil paints without painting them white have the information.

ASW Express is full of very good prices on many things (and they have regular brush sales – I got three W&N Series 7s from them at bargain-basement prices), including Liquitex Clear Gesso.