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pika bootcamp week 3

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Been really busy with the Pikaland bootcamp stuff. This past week was a tough one for me – we were asked to be inspired by an existing work of art (preferably in person, but that did not work out so well) – I chose Remedios Varo, a very long-standing love of mine (back to age 17 or 18 or so) and I felt a great deal of pressure to try to live up to her. I wound up drawing approximately the same sketch many times, finally started painting one and chucked it after a few hours’ worth of work on it because it was absolute crap. Did a new sketch (pencils and some brush pen) and liked it. I’ve started coloring it digitally but it still has a long way to go – after all that time I had to just swallow it and move on. Maybe after bootcamp is over I’ll finish coloring it.

Below are: the original Varo, my drawing, and my digital WIP. Click any for bigger.


Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I am a big dummy and accidentally linked this entry for my Ripple IF submission. Sorry all! Go here instead for my shrimp!

Well, I’d wanted to do more with this, but work is verra verra busy right now, so here is Detective Hound. Here’s to next week. I was actually fairly happy with the digital paint work on this one for once…it’s not perfect but it’s also not that weird shiny plastic “I Am Photoshop” look.

As usual, click for larger.

IF: detective wip

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I don’t think I’m done with this yet, so I haven’t posted it to the IF site. I think it needs a frame or something. Something. HB pencil on paper and digital color. Waiting till tomorrow to see what I think of it then. Been busy around here with other things having been gone most of the weekend – drawing but nothing much and haven’t gotten to scan anything anyway.

I couldn’t quite bear to draw a human detective, and other than the de facto sherlock, this is pretty much the first thing I thought of (well, okay, bloodhounds were first, and I adore bloodhounds to pieces, but their ears just aren’t as dramatic as a basset hound’s), and since I love dogs, I figured I’d go this route.

“Linked” for Illustration Friday

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Been reading the discussions over at Zero2Illo’s “clubhouse” – about finding one’s style etc. And became increasingly aware of the fact that there is a huge gulf between the kind of work I like and the kind of work I create – and not just a gulf of skill, either. I tend to be practical to a fault; I never have created much art for art’s sake – it’s always for something. Song cards for my kid (many things for my kid) – gifts, decorations. I’ve always complained that I don’t feel I have much to say when confronted with a blank page, but now I’m not so sure that’s true; I think I’m restraining myself far too much when facing that page.

My more honest style/inclinations tend much more towards the darker side of things than, say, the school bus side of things. So while I’ll keep working on the stuff for my kid, I think I’ll also try to induce myself to do more that appeals to me.

So I did this for “Linked” for Illustration Friday. When I first saw the word I thought it’d be an empty well for me – but it only took me four seconds once I sat down to come up with conjoined twins, because I love conjoined twins. So this is pencil, Crayola supermarket watercolors (heh), and some digital editing and I did the hand lettering in Photoshop. As usual, click for larger.


Couple more works

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

This is a secretary bird in acrylics on canvas. I use a junky mess of acrylic brands, to be honest – I just recently ordered a couple of tubes of Lascaux so I could see what the difference is – some of the brands I use are fine and many are crap. I’ve been using acrylics probably longer than any other one medium so I’ve just got a big cardboard boot box of whatever I’ve picked up over the years. I think I have three different brands of yellow ochre, since that’s the color I invariably use the most.

The other image is a pencil sketch I drew in half a minute (if that) on the paper my son was painting on on the other side of his art table. He has contributed several fingerprints. The color is Crayola-brand watercolors – the kind you get for $1.69 at the supermarket. It was my first drawing of him – or at least among the first – that I actually kind of liked, so I’m putting it here.

(by the way, in case it’s not obvious – click any image on the site for a larger version.)