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just more song cards

Friday, April 9th, 2010

The bus actually took a bunch of sketches & pens before I settled on this, which is okay, if not perfect. The color version here is only half-done; I’ve since finished the painting but it needs a little editing etc. so I haven’t gotten it here yet. This is also actually not pen but brush. I’ve been trying out my new fancy brushes and wanted the line work for the bus to be more expressive than the fairly flat fountain pen lines that I’ve been doing.

I’ve been fighting with twinkle little star for a long time, because the original I did was not for mass consumption by any stretch and was awful, there was an interim version that didn’t work out, and I eventually wound up here. I tried to scan a couple of the sketches for this one but my pencils are so light that they wouldn’t scan properly. I’ve got to start doing darker pencils – they seem so dark to me while I’m drawing them but then a week later I look at them and you can barely see marks on the page. It’s a bit silly.